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Фитотерапия ру


                Black cumin heals the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the cancer.

                  Names: “Black cumin, barracks, black seed, sedana, siakh dana”.


   Black cumin heals the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the cancer, head diseases and heavy chronic illnesses.  

   One of the most popular medicinal plants, used by the healers and of the natural origin, is the black cumin, precisely its oil. It is due to its characteristics, it is mostly used as the medicine for treatment of the alimentary tract, urinary system, arthritis and the liver diseases. Also it has become commonly accepted for the modern people to use healing power of the black gold – the cumin – for the treatment and prevention of flu, cough, asthma and especially tachycardia, bradycardia, hypotension and hypertension.

   Recently, the phytotherapy has become increasingly significant in medicine, and the application of the black cumin holds a very special place in the phytotherapy. If in the older days, it has being considered as only one of the traditional healing methods, today the phytotherapy plays an important role in production of the black cumin and its processing in many countries, and it has been reflected in the printed media. Of course in the East, the phytotherapy is much more popular due to the religious beliefs and the proximity of such countries as China and India, where it has being used for thousands of years.

   Of course in these days everything has to be proved scientifically. The tests have shown that the black cumin strengthen the immune system. Therefore it can be considered as the medicine, capable to cure a patient from many different illnesses. Antibacterial agents, contained in the black cumin oil, help to purify the human body from helminthes and worms. Recently the scientists have discovered the useful features of this amazing plant – its impact on the reproductive system. As the result of the conducted research, it has become clear, that the black cumin intake allows to balance menstrual cycle in women and to increase the potency in men. It is amazing, but the black cumin phytotherapy has been used in veterinary medicine. Generally the black cumin extract has been used for treatment of enteritis and enterocolitis in animals.

   Of course, the black cumin oil is still the most effective remedy. It is so, first of all because this oil is more concentrated and therefore may bring better results than the simple intake of the plant’s seeds. Phytotherapy treatment with the help of this oil starts first of all with the diagnostics of the person’s health condition. Thereat while undergoing the treatment using this traditional remedy, it is worthwhile to constantly monitor changes not only during the course of illness, but also in general condition of a “patient”.

   However it is important to remember that the black cumin as any other plant has its species. Some black cumin species still have some poisonous characteristics, and therefore it is important to make the choice of phytoremedy very carefully.

   Prophet Mohammed said: “The cumin can cure everything except for the death!”

   The black cumin is used from tachycardia, bradycardia, hypotension, hypertension, heart diseases, cancer, flu, gallbladder and kidney stone, loss of strength, facilitation of labor, for treatment of childlessness, infectious diseases, eczema and dermatitis, diabetes, prostate illnesses, for potency increase, from parasites and helminthes, for lactation increase, from disbacteriosis, for memory strengthening and for the learning progress increase. Especially, it is possible to achieve the remarkable results if the body will be supplied with other deficient elements. (See Phytotherapy)

   Externally the black cumin is used for treatment of the hair loss and some skin diseases, including the warts.

   Counter-indications: may not be used during the pregnancy.

   Black cumin is a typical sedative, since its bitterness has a sedative effect and besides that its oils have the bile-expelling characteristics, the cholagogues shall be taken in the evening.

   The course consists of one intake per day, only in the evening, during one month, then it should be discontinued for three or four months, then the course may be repeated.

   Such effective remedies as the sea-urchin roe, trepang, yarsagumba and karkade have the similar effect. (See Yarsagumba)


                        Photo:  Black Cumin.


                    Photo:  Black Cumin flower.


           Photo:  Black Cumin capsule with seeds


                    Photo:  Black Cumin seeds


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